A shared ambition

The LYNX project brings together the vast majority of the academic forces of the Lyon site: three universities, six schools, three hospitals, five NROs and the IARC. With over 116,000 students, 5,700 academics and 1,900 researchers, the consortium is a major player in French higher education and research. The project aims to pool the site's assets in order to invest in new fields of teaching and research and so develop transdisciplinary approaches to respond to the major challenges facing society.

The goal : academic and research excellence, combined with real visibility for the site and higher education on the international stage, through a recognized brand attached to Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, which will create an Établissement Public Expérimental (ÉPE) in the spring of 2023, along with CPE Lyon and those partner institutions that wish to participate.

At the national level, the ÉPE and the three hospitals form the second largest university hospital system in France, with exceptional strengths in clinical research. The ÉPE will forge an unparalleled partnership with the CHU HCL through an integrated strategy for research and teaching in human health. The research programs supported by the LYNX project, which focus on societal challenges, will reinforce this strategy and will be a key element of the ÉPE's scientific policy.

LYNX federates, unites, and shapes the future.

Like the animal of the same name, this new structure will be capable of adapting and acting with agility to create a new way of working with eighteen institutions and their communities, as together they face the major challenges facing society and help to build more sustainable future for the world.